As a Folk Federation member you’re welcome to add your own news, reviews, and information to the Member News blog.

First, make sure you’re logged in. Then visit Member News -> Add Your Own Article.

The form you’ll be filling out has several fields:

Title: enter the title of your article here, for example: ‘Review: “Album” by Artist’. Try to keep this relatively short and punchy.

Subheading: the subheading will show up in a red bar underneath your title – you can see an example of this in Sandra Nixon’s review of “Home” by Danny Spooner. Subheadings are optional – you don’t need to add one. Again, a short title is best here.

Content: this is where your actual post goes! You can paste it in from somewhere else, or write it straight into the box. To add images to your post, click the “Add Media” button above the editor. Think of the editor like a simplified version of Microsoft Word – you have some formatting options such as bold, italics, etc, so feel free to play around with the style buttons and see what you like. In the second row of buttons, towards the end, there are Undo and Redo arrows, so if you make any mistakes you can always Undo.

Excerpt: here you’ll add a short description of your article. This is optional – if you add an excerpt it will show up in various parts of the site including search results, but if you don’t add an excerpt, the site will just show the beginning of your article instead.

Featured Image: each blog post has a “featured image” – a photo attached to it, like in a newspaper. This is optional but your article will look nicer with an image. We recommend something landscape, or square, but not portrait as these will appear quite large in the layout.

Hide Featured Image: if you don’t have an image to upload, a default image will be attached to the post. If you’d prefer the post has no image at all, just check the “Hide Featured Image” box.

Categories: here you can choose which categories you’d like to list your article in, e.g. Reviews, Industry News, Training and Development, etc. You can choose multiple categories by holding down the “Ctrl” button as you select.

Tags: finally, choose some tags to describe your post. Tags are like keywords that help people find your post – so for an article about an album launch, you might use the tags “album launch, new album, launch party, album review” etc, where relevant. Tags are optional and you can add as many or as few as you like.

Once you’ve filled out the fields and the article is to your liking, click the Submit button to save and post your article to the Member News blog! If you’re not sure you want to publish just yet, click the Save Draft button to the right, and you can revisit your post later.