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CD: HOYA – Inspirational Women

September 14, 2021 Wayne Richmond 0

Margaret Bradford is a respected and loved songwriter who has been integral to the folk music scene in NSW. This CD is an important part of our collective folk repertoire. It’s evocative and memorable songs will be enjoyed by musicians, by teachers, and by all lovers of our folk history. […]

Cornstalk Magazine

Mudcat Cafe and Other Useful Links

March 15, 2021 Pam Merrigan 5

Article by Gerry Myerson The web has many useful resources for folkies. I’m going to write mainly about one, The Mudcat Cafe, with brief mentions of some others. Of course, I make no pretence of […]

Industry News

A Parting Glass

February 14, 2021 Pam Merrigan 0

Our folk community has been united in grief (Feb ’21) with the passing of two of its much-loved: folk organiser and raconteur, “Mr Merry Muse” Bill Arnett aka Billy Folkus; and, musician, singer, songwriter, debater and […]

Member News

For the song goes on…

February 7, 2021 Pam Merrigan 2

This is a lovely piece from Cathy Rytmeister posted on her Facebook page and reproduced here with her kind permission. It encapsulates the wonderful inclusiveness and sense of community that is at the heart of our […]


A Tale of Grace and Pride

February 6, 2021 Pam Merrigan 0

In Dec ’19 I sat in Bob’s Bar at Woodford Folk Festival to hear a new trio. Three women with diverse musical backgrounds, multi-instrumentalists and no strangers to the folk scene; Kate Burke, Melanie Horsnell, […]


The ShantyTok Phenomenon

January 31, 2021 Pam Merrigan 1

Wellerman Goes Viral In an unlikely partnership TikTok and a Scottish postie have unwittingly popularised the Sea Shanty. Old is made new again as the “ShantyTok” trend emerges. Wellerman is the shanty at the centre of […]


National Folk Festival Celebrates GOOD FOLK

January 30, 2021 Pam Merrigan 0

In news just announced yesterday, Fri 29 Jan (via Facebook) the National Folk Festival is set to stage a new, re-imagined, COVID safe, 2021 event in Queanbeyan over the Easter weekend replacing its traditional 5-day Festival format […]

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