Loaded Dog calendar 2018

June 20, 2018 Loaded Dog Folk Club 0

————————————————————— Sat 17th February (3rd Sat) – Chaika + Graham Knights (UK) Sat 17th March (3rd Sat) – Alistair Brown (UK) + Ian Russell (UK) Sat 21st April (3rd Sat) – Bruce Watson + Cathy Rytmeister Sat 26th […]



May 25, 2018 Brian Jonathon 0

I’m pleased to say there’s heaps of new FFNSW initiatives to report. First though, a message to lapsed members PLEASE REJOIN! It’s not just that subscriptions help us develop folk in NSW, they help us feel […]

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Financial Affiliate Members

May 24, 2018 Wayne Richmond 0

Blue Mountains Folk Festival Assoc. Inc. (Exp: Apr, 2019) Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Society of Australia (Exp: Oct, 2019) Bush Music Club Inc. (Exp: Apr, 2019) Central Coast Bush Dance & Music Assoc. Inc. […]

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About the Loaded Dog Folk Club

May 22, 2018 Loaded Dog Folk Club 0

The Loaded Dog Folk Club is Sydney’s finest acoustic folk venue – showcasing the best acoustic folk music has to offer, from guitar to autoharp, solo voice to community choir. (No amplification! No mikes!) It […]

The Dingo’s Breakfast sing for the Park Rangers!

May 15, 2018 Wayne Richmond 0

The Dingo’s Breakfast (together with members of Loosely Woven and an audience of NSW voters!) performed a song written by Park Ranger Bruce Gall (with some help from Pete Seeger) at a concert in Humph Hall (Sydney, Australia) in May 2018.

Bruce is a Park Ranger and a member of Park Watch NSW who is extremely concerned about what the NSW State Government is doing to the National Parks & Wildlife Service) and the Park Rangers in particular. […]

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Financial Family Members

May 1, 2018 Wayne Richmond 0

Robert Armstrong (Exp: Apr, 2019) Jim & Dallas Baxter (Exp: Oct, 2019) Alex & Julie Bishop (Exp: Apr, 2019) Margaret & Walter Bolliger (Exp: Apr, 2020) Mark, Ellen, Nicole, Kate & Rachel Brackenreg (Exp: Oct, […]

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Financial Individual Members

May 1, 2018 Wayne Richmond 0

Lisbeth Allen (Exp: Oct, 2018) Glenys Anderson (Exp: Apr, 2019) Miche Baker-Harvey (Exp: Oct, 2018) Caroline Barrell (Exp: Oct, 2018) Sue Barrett (Exp: Oct, 2018) Jane Beaver (Exp: Oct, 2018) Bill Bekric (Exp: Oct, 2020) […]

Australian Recordings

Review: “Home” by Danny Spooner

April 17, 2018 Bush Music Club 0

In January 1956 when the 15-month old Bush Music Club released the first issue of Singabout, the Journal of Australian Folksong, the editorial stated BMC’s aims …to popularise Australian folk song, and to encourage the […]

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