Do you want to add your upcoming event to the Folk Federation calendar? It’s easier than it looks! Follow the steps below to submit your event.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in
  2. Go to Events -> My Events -> Add New Event
  3. A form will load. Take your time to fill out this form. You’ll need to add:
    • Event Title (e.g. “Andy and his Brilliant Band in Glebe”)
    • Event Description (a few sentences on what the event is, the kind of night it’s going to be, anything you like! If you’re internet-savvy you can format this and even add links.)
    • Event Image (if you don’t have an image, don’t worry – you can leave this empty.)
    • Event Time and Date – choose the start date and time, and if you don’t have a firm end time, an estimate is fine.
    • How to add a new venue
      Start typing your venue – if it’s not already in the database, click the “Create” option that appears

      Venue Details – click the drop-down box to choose from pre-made venues, or if you need to add your venue, just start typing the venue name (e.g. “Sammy’s Club”) in the search box and click the link that appears (it’ll read “Create: Sammy’s Club”). You’ll be asked for an address and some other information. Put in as much or as little info as you like – if you’re not sure of the street address, just the suburb is fine, and don’t worry about the postcode. Please note, if you want to include a Google Map, these work best when the address is complete.

    • Organizer Details – just as before, you can select a pre-made organizer or add your own. You can also leave this blank if it’s not relevant. Please note if you add a phone number, email address or website into the Organizer Details, they will show publicly on the event.
    • Event Website – do you have a website, or does your venue have something on their website for your event? Feel free to paste a link to it here.
    • Event Cost – if your event costs money, type the price in to the Cost: box. If it’s free, type a zero. If you don’t want to show a price at all, just leave this box blank.
  4. Submit your event! Click the blue ‘Submit Event’ button at the bottom of the form and your event will go live.

If you need to edit your event after it’s gone live, just go to Events -> My Events -> View My Events to see a list of your events. Beneath the title of each event is a small “Edit” link, which you can click to edit your event. So don’t worry if you don’t get it right straight away – you can edit your events at any time, even after they’re over.