The ShantyTok Phenomenon

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Uncategorised

In an unlikely partnership TikTok and a Scottish postie have unwittingly popularised the Sea Shanty. Old is made new again as the “ShantyTok” trend emerges.

Wellerman is the shanty at the centre of everyone’s attention. Of New Zealand origin the Wellerman shanty refers to the heyday of whaling in the South Island. Garnering many new fans around the world the song just confirms what we’ve always known… Folk is cool!

Here’s a link to the TikTok “mashup” version but beware… it’s a real ear worm.

Want to sing Shanties? Check out these link: Redfern Shanty Club

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  1. Margaret Walters

    People might like to check out the YouTube where John Roberts and Chris Koldewey discuss shanties in general and touch on the Wellerman…
    Sea Shanties: Adding Historical Context to the Hottest New TikTok Trend (+ singing along!)


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