The Dingo’s Breakfast sing for the Park Rangers!

by | May 15, 2018 | Uncategorised

A rather special video clip was made at a recent Humph Hall concert.
The Dingo’s Breakfast (together with members of Loosely Woven and an audience of NSW voters!) performed a song written by Park Ranger Bruce Gall (with some help from Pete Seeger).  Bruce is a Park Ranger and a member of Park Watch NSW who is extremely concerned about what the NSW State Government is doing to the National Parks & Wildlife Service) and the Park Rangers in particular. If you share his concerns you might care to watch, ‘like’ and comment on the video.  And PLEASE do pass it on to any of your environmentally caring friends and relations and encourage them to do likewise! 🙂
And please do this ASAP as Bruce (the Park Ranger who wrote the words) is planning to send it on to all of the politicians and we want it to have lots of views and ‘likes’ when they do!
By the way, the mention in the video of a $12 million cut to the budget of the National Parks & Wildlife Service is missing a digit. The actual cut was $122 million!!


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