Financial Individual Members

As of 21/1/2022

Leslie Abraham (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Roslyn Baker (Exp: Apr, 2023) Recurring
Jim Barrett (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Sue Barrett (Exp: Oct, 2028)
George Bolliger (Exp: Apr, 2030)
Donald Brian (Exp: Oct, 2024) Recurring
Sallyanne Brown (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Jane Brownlee (Exp: Oct, 2026) Recurring
Charmaine Buchanan (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Andy Busuttil (Exp: Oct, 2023) Recurring
Wally Byrne (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Luke Byrnes (Exp: Apr, 2023) Recurring
Beth Cambridge (Exp: Apr, 2025)
Frank Circosta (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Terry Clinton (Exp: Oct, 2025)
Nerida Cuddy (Exp: Oct, 2023) Recurring
Snez Dalceska (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Sean Darby (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Pam Davis (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Dot Dawson (Exp: Apr, 2023) Recurring
Dallas deBrabander (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
John Derum (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Peter Dowling (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Ross Fear (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Colin Fong (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Michelle Gardiner (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Russell Hannah (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Miguel Heatwole (Exp: Oct, 2022) Recurring
Kirsten Hulse (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Greg Jaques (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Graeme Johnson (Exp: Oct, 2024)
Luke Johnson (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Brian Jonathon (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Glenda Kelly (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Trevor Knight (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Eugenia Langley (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Catherine Laudine (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Steve Lockwood (Exp: Apr, 2024)
Mark Lucas (Exp: Oct, 2032)
Mike Martin (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Iain McKenzie (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Ron McLaughlin (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Malcolm Menzies (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Pam Merrigan (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Linda Mizzi (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Sophie Moore (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Paul Mortimer (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Stephen Munro (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Dot Newland (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Astrid O’Neill (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Tony Perriam (Exp: Oct, 2024)
Penny Plumbe (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Suze Pratten (Exp: Apr, 2024)
Lesley Redmond (Exp: Oct, 2026)
Sam Reich (Exp: Oct, 2022) Recurring
Lynette Rich (Exp: Apr, 2023) Recurring
Peter Russell (Exp: Apr, 2024) Recurring
Len Searle (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Valdis Sermukslis (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Mathiana Seskus (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Emma Sputnik (Exp: Oct, 2023)
Ken Stewart (Exp: Apr, 2023)
Robert Thorburn (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Garry Tooth (Exp: Apr, 2024)
Tao Triebels (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Geoffrey Turner (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Stu Tyrell (Exp: Apr, 2022) Recurring
Mazza Verdante (Exp: Oct, 2025)
Margaret Walters (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Christine Wheeler (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Allan Wright (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Patricia Zancanaro (Exp: Oct, 2022)

Wayne Richmond
About Wayne Richmond 21 Articles
Coordinates community-based music ensemble Loosely Woven ( Owns and operates privately owned venue 'Humph Hall' ( Currently assists with Cornstalk and Folkmail.

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