Financial Individual Members

As of 26/11/2018

Lisbeth Allen (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Glenys Anderson (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Sue Barrett (Exp: Oct, 2028)
Bill Bekric (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Pam Bennett (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Leah Bloomfield (Exp: Oct, 2019)
George Bolliger (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Donald Brian (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Wally Byrne (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Peter Cahill (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Beth Cambridge (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Bruce Cameron (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Sue Catterall (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Grace Chiundiza (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Frank Circosta (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Terry Clinton (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Leo Coleman (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Gail Copley (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Snez Dalceska (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Sean Darby (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Allen Davis (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Pam Davis (Exp: Oct, 2022)
Dot Dawson (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Taia de Burca (Exp: Apr, 2021)
Dallas deBrabander (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Sophia Donovan (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Peter Dowling (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Allegra Dunning (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Annette Dwight (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Glenys Eddy (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Ann Eskens (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Ross Fear (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Bob Foggin (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Colin Fong (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Ruby Foster (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Sue Fyfield (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Michelle Gardiner (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Jennifer Glass (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Phillip Grove (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Brian Hamilton (Exp: Oct, 2021)
Russell Hannah (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Tom Hanson (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Miguel Heatwole (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Jo Henwood (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Paul Jackson (Exp: Oct, 2021)
Graeme Johnson (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Brian Jonathon (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Kate Maclurcan & family (Exp: Apr, 2021)
Col Keating (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Liam Kenny (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Meredith Knight (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Eugenia Langley (Exp: Apr, 2022)
Catherine Laudine (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Jennifer Lees (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Steve Lockwood (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Ian Macintosh (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Paul Mallia (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Allan McEwen (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Iain McKenzie (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Anthony McLachlan (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Kathie McMahon-Nolf (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Malcolm Menzies (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Barry Moore (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Desmond Moore (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Sophie Moore (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Paul Mortimer (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Stephen Munro (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Allan Murray (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Russell Neal (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Dot Newland (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Emma Norton (Exp: Oct, 2019)
John O’Sullivan (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Tony Perriam (Exp: Oct, 2021)
Penny Plumbe (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Ralph Pride (Exp: Oct, 2019)
John Queripel (Exp: Oct, 2020)
Kevin Rennie (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Denis Rice (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Lynette Rich (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Natalie Roberts (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Phillip Roy (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Peter Russell (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Mathiana Seskus (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Phil Sheather (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Elizabeth Staraj (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Ken Stewart (Exp: Apr, 2019)
John Sydenham (Exp: Apr, 2020)
Garry Tooth (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Geoffrey Turner (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Mazza Verdante (Exp: Oct, 2021)
Margaret Walters (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Peter Weitzel (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Christine Wheeler (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Mark Wilkes (Exp: Apr, 2019)
Rob Willis (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Allan Wright (Exp: Oct, 2019)
Ian Young (Exp: Apr, 2019)

Wayne Richmond
About Wayne Richmond 8 Articles
Coordinates community-based music ensemble Loosely Woven ( Owns and operates privately owned venue 'Humph Hall' ( Currently Membership Officer for Folk Federation. Also assists with Cornstalk and Folkmail.

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