Distant Shores – Debut Album Release

by | Dec 16, 2023 | Member News, Recordings

The Scotsman and The Stovies are thrilled to cast off their debut album ‘Distant Shores’.
A captivating compilation of Scottish folk songs recorded in Tasmania, the album combines 200-year-old poetry and contemporary arrangements to take listeners on an adventure across Scotland’s gusty seas, bracing lochs and wild highlands.
With modern adaptations of traditional songs, Graeme ‘The Scotsman’ McColgan and The Stovies have created a loving tribute to the joy, sorrow, passion and humour at the heart of Scottish folk music.
International collaboration with Scotland based award winning Scottish fiddle player Stephen Cordiner as well as Tasmanian based choir One Note Stand, Victoria based accordionist Myra McRae and 3-year-old Rosie McColgan provide a magical experience for listeners young and old.
Available as a digital download or limited edition CD at shop.thescotsmanmusic.com


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