Daniel Champagne Australian Tour – Braidwood, NSW and Beyond

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Reviews

The Braidwood Folk Music Club was pleased to host a performance by Daniel Champagne at a local venue last week. Braidwood is not far from Daniel’s family home on the NSW South Coast and the concert was one of the first stops on his Australian tour which will visit Sydney, regional NSW and other states around Australia.
Daniel is a remarkable young artist who has already clocked up more than a decade touring internationally as a full time solo performer. His guitar style is non-traditional but brilliant, including honed skills in two hand tapping, percussion, harmonics and other techniques to put on a mesmerising show with his one guitar.  While Daniel’s guitar arrangements shine brightly, he is also a talented song writer and singer and his skilled performance and quiet but charming stage presence have plenty of appeal for folk audiences. The show included new material such as instrumental piece The Pursuit, as well as established songs like Supernova and The Nightingale, clearly a favourite with the crowd.
Daniel will be playing in Sydney and surrounds over the coming week then returning to NSW in March/ April as part of his tour route, covering every state in Australia until July when he heads off for a touring season in the US. See https://danielchampagnemusic.com/ to check when he may be performing near you.


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