FOR SALE: Keith, Prowse & Co. Concertina (1855), English Chromatic, with provenance, case, Excellent condition, $5,000.00 Made in London, England.

by | Mar 24, 2024

Vintage and very early English chromatic Concertina for sale. This concertina has been in our family for the last 26 years. It’s in excellent playing order, in tune (A440Hz) and will be of interest to players or collectors.

Its latest service was done by Tony Peri at Reedworks in 2024 with minimal changes or adjustments due to the historical importance of this piece. Missing or damaged valves were replaced. The A4 note was tuned to A440Hz in line with the other reeds already tuned to this pitch and temperament. There are 6 bellows folds. The wood ends look like Rosewood.

All the reeds are working and all the buttons play. It’s in very nice condition. The bellows are excellent and there are no leaks. A custom made wooden case for the instrument is also included with the concertina.


  • “KEITH, PROWSE & Co. Manufacturers. 48 Cheapside LONDON.”
  • serial number “6279”.

Provenance & History:

  • This concertina is listed twice in the Wheatstone ledger book C1049, on 4 September, 1855 and then paid for on 24 October, 1855. [Digital copy of 2 ledger entries included in paperwork.]
  • In the period c.1900-1910 the instrument was serviced in England. Inside is the inscription in pencil: “Repaired by R W MALBURN 3 & 5 PARK GREEN MACCLESFIELD”. [The name in pencil may be KW, FW or RW Malburn?]
  • 1998: repair docket from Richard Evans for work done.
  • Concertina has been in our family’s ownership since 1998 to 2024.
  • Minor service, check over and polish, 2024 by Reedworks in Sydney, Australia.

Inspections by appointment welcome.

Paperwork, receipts and correspondence with the instrument are included from the last 30 years.

More photos will be available on my REVERB site and website.

Contact Details

Tony Peri, m: 0468 402 890

Reedworks, 24 Koorool Ave. Lalor Park, NSW, 2147, Australia.