Traditional Graffiti @ Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Club

Newcastle & Hunter Region
06 August 2022 @ 7:00pm - 10:00 pm
$10 - $15

Traditional Graffiti (aka ‘The Trads’) rose from the ashes of the Wheeze & Suck Band. The regular band members are:

  • Ian “The Pump” Macintosh –  guitars, melodeon, vocals.
  • John “Johnny Red Tips” Milce –  percussion, jokes.
  • Nigel “Muddy” Walters –  mandolin, guitar, vocals.
  • Clive ‘Dodger’ McFarland – guitar, vocals.

Nigel and Ian are both solo performers in their own right. Ian is also a prolific songwriter, being awarded the Australian Songwriters Award in 2006 for ‘Rag and Bone’. Nigel is also a member of the duo ‘Cap in Hand’. Ian is a member of Sydney blues trio ‘The RBJ’s, and UK contemporary music trio, ‘TRI’.John and Ian have a long history of involvement in traditional dance both here in Australia and in the UK, and Traditional Graffiti includes threads and themes of the tradition in their repertoire. The ‘Trads’ also continue their reputation for fun, and audience participation.


Kathleen Clarke


Merewether Uniting Church Hall

178, Glebe Road, Merewether, New South Wales, 2291, Australia

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