Tom Lewis + Penny Davies & Roger Ilott @ The Dog

24 February 2024 @ 7:30pm - 10:30 pm
$20/18 cash at the door

We will not be having any floorspots, so don’t be late – the evening starts promptly at 7.30 with a set from Penny & Roger.

Tom Lewis is legendary.  Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland; then moving with his family to Gloucester, Tom joined the Royal Navy as an Engineering Apprentice in 1959, just a few days after his sixteenth birthday.  Posted to a naval training establishment in Scotland in 1960, he soon started frequenting THE HOWFF Folk Club (in nearby Dunfermline) being exposed to such luminaries as Willie Scott, Alex Glasgow, Ewan McColl, Archie Fisher, John Watt, Louis Killen, and more, where he learned his trade as a folk singer and song writer.   His output includes the famous “LAST SHANTY”; a song sung around the world.   He cemented his career in North America, where he lived for many years.

After thirty six years; tours in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States; major festival main stages and tiny coffeehouses; and eight more recordings; Tom and his wife Lyn now reside aboard  their boat on the Boyle River near Carrick on Shannon, in Ireland. In a way of life where enormous success is not having a day-job, Tom Lewis has translated his love of singing into that ‘enormous success’ and more – his previous existence as a sailor – and his reincarnation as a musical ex-sailor – bringing enjoyment for all.

Tom’s repertoire—from traditional shanties to songs fashioned out of his own seafaring background—recruits his audience for a voyage by turns reflective, dramatic and humorous.  Tom’s Celtic heritage is obvious in his clear, strong voice, evoking quiet sorrow for a fisherman lost to the sea just as honestly as it powers out a shanty “to be heard above the gales”  Tom accompanies himself on button accordion and ukulele—but it’s that powerful vocal style and infectious humour—that quality of entertaining—which keeps audiences coming back again … and again.

Old Songs Festival (Altamont NY) declares “This man knows the sea … from the bottom up!“.

Living Tradition (UK) says “Although I always knew he was good, I was not quite prepared for HOW good.” 24 years in the British Royal Navy, “provides him with that vitally authentic stance with which to tackle nautical song” Living Tradition.


Penny and Roger met in 1976 and were married in 1980. Penny studied Audio Engineering and got some experience in recording (including Ice House’s first demo!) Over a period of time, Penny and Roger developed as an acoustic folk duo with their own style of Australian music. Their self-penned songs are about Australia with a home-grown Australian flavour. “We both feel it’s important to express something about where and how we live- Australia is a rich vein to mine” says Penny. “I did a degree which involved Media Studies and Creative Writing, and we started to get some recording equipment together to make an album.We had both written some songs and there were some Australian folk songs we wanted to record too. We actually recorded and put out our first album RESTLESS before we played a gig together as a duo.”

They started playing around Sydney folk clubs to promote their album and met lots of Sydney folk people and began to record them as well as themselves. Their little backyard studio in Balmain was quite a busy place for a few years. In 1982 they formed their own folk music label, Restless Music.  In 1987 they departed Balmain for a 32 acre block in Stanthorpe, Queensland where they set up their recording studio again. “We still have the recording studio and are involved in our own and other people’s musical projects” says Penny.

Penny and Roger have been very fortunate to have had a lifetime’s involvement in music.

Penny Davies and Roger Ilott occupy a unique place in Australian music spanning the great divide between Folk and Country. They have reinvigorated the bush ballad, kept alive the protest song, and have celebrated all that it means to be Australian without a cork hat,  lagerphone or phoney accent on the horizon. Penny Davies simply has one of the richest voices in Australian folk and country music; add in the integrity of Roger Ilott’s gentle delivery, and you have the best harmonies you’re likely to hear. Coupled with Roger Ilott’s compelling acoustic guitar and Rickenbacker 12 string artistry, it’s little wonder Penny Davies & Roger Ilott,
who already have an Australia wide following for their music, are now finding an audience for their songs around the world.  John Broomhall, Trad & Now

“I could listen to them sing the telephone book” , commented noted folklorist, the late Alan Scott


Disability access.  Back Hall, Annandale Community Centre, 79 Johnston St, Annandale

doors open 7 for 7.30 start,  light supper available, BYO.   $20/18 –  CASH AT DOOR (ATM in pub)

Enquiries & bookings – <>  or text 0492 977 202

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Annandale Community Centre

79, Johnston Street, Annandale, New South Wales, 2038, Australia

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