Shark & Fox | Emily-Rose Sarkova (AUS) & Jaron Freeman-Fox

Southern Highlands
23 March 2024 @ 3:00pm - 5:00 pm

Frenetic Bulgarian dances, haunting Appalachian twangs, droning Irish reels, Swedish polskas and songs that speak of the ephemeral mysteries of life, woven together by the vast history of the fiddle and accordion as musical companions. This irresistible Canadian-Australian collaboration shape-shifts between traditions so that the instruments themselves transform; a fiddle to viol d’amore or fretless guitar, an accordion to modular synthesiser, all driven by the infectious clatter, thunder and swish of a drum that serves as a trampoline for the imagination.
Jaron’s projects have won multiple Canadian music awards, whilst Emily-Rose has been an ARIA and Art Music Award finalist. Both have traversed the globe to learn from musical masters, imbuing their artistry with depth whilst indulging their penchant for mischief. They are joined by Rose Callaghan on drums (Rhythm Hunters, Junkyard Beats, Rosie and The Quest.



Wit’s End House Concerts


Wit’s End House Concerts

Bundanoon, New South Wales, 2578, Australia

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