Rusty Pickups + Stafford Sanders at Humph Hall

Sydney Northern Beaches
27 July 2024 @ 7:00pm - 9:30 pm

Rusty Pickups

If you’re willing to look past the ‘all hat no cattle’ of it all, and can push down that ‘they’re not country… they’re not really folk either though….” feeling in the pit of your stomach, then good news! Rusty Pickups are likely coming to a stage near you this year. With 13 appearances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, intimate headline shows from Bundaberg down to Wollongong in the middle, and a host of new tracks to round it out – 2024 shows no mercy to the band, and none quarter will be requested.

With a new, old time show landing at theatres up and down the east coast, a string of festival appearances over the last 12 months, a tour to Sydney on the books and a host of new tracks to release on the way, you’ll have plenty of time to get to the bottom of exactly ‘what’ Rusty Pickups are. Always amusing four part harmonies, rollicking melodies and downright dirty licks on anything with strings or keys sound like everyone and no one – it’s not exactly business as usual for Rusty Pickups – but business is pretty damn good!  Visit their web site.

Stafford Sanders

Stafford Sanders is a veteran singer, songwriter and guitarist born, raised and resident on the Northern Beaches.  His satirical songs and spoken satires are guaranteed to entertain.

He’s a longtime member of popular Sydney groups Men With Day Jobs and Baggage & Stuff – making six albums with them, appearing on national TV, playing hundreds of venues and several festivals.


Wayne Richmond


Humph Hall

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