Mickey and Michelle and Broken Creek at Smiths Alternative

05 July 2024 @ 6:30pm - 8:30 pm
$25 Full $15 Concession

Descending from the mountains are harp and fiddle extravaganza Mickey & Michelle, whose energetic and virtuosic performances have captured hearts throughout Australia and New Zealand. Celebrated for their artistry and virtuosic skill, Mickey & Michelle weave a gorgeous ‘chamber-folk’ tapestry of original Celtic music infused with vocal harmony and fiery improvisations.

The duo’s inception began with a wild idea to tour the length of New Zealand on foot for 6 months. This adventurous spirit continues to fuel their creativity, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. Through their carefully crafted lyrics and instrumentals, listeners are invited to reflect on their own relationship with nature.

Mickey & Michelle are excited to release their sophomore album Solace in Wonder this winter, having spent the last five years developing their compositions and arrangements. The album showcases Michelle’s virtuosity in her eight minute epic harp concerto Grove of Giants, while Mickey’s poignant lyricism is on full display as they deftly explore their relation with the natural world, while also celebrating music making and community.

Joining them for an awe-inspiring double bill of folk is the superb sounds of Broken Creek. Broken Creek weave compelling musical reimaginings of Australiana for banjo, guitar, fiddle and voice that tell stories from Australia’s past and present.

Erin and Lachlan Heycox grew up in rural Victoria steeped in bushbands and balladeers. Named for the creek Erin grew up near, ‘Broken Creek’ signals a love of country and traditional folk music with an adventurous musical bent to “break” with the conventional.

Broken Creek’s album ‘Yeah Nah’ features songs about small-town Australia, tunes inspired by the land and subversive interpretations of traditional Australian songs. Broken Creek’s debut album ‘Small Town Anthropologies’ was a finalist for FAA Traditional Album of Year.


Smiths Alternative


Smiths Alternative

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