Martyn Whyndam-Read (UK)  Troubadour  House Concert

Central Coast
18 March 2023 @ 6:00pm - 9:00 pm

Although an Englishman, folksinger Martyn Wyndham-Read has been one of the greatest ambassadors of Australian folk song, having spent over 30 years playing music absorbed from the musical tradition of drovers, bush workers, and cane cutters. Having spent time employed as a bush worker himself, Wyndham-Read first fell in love with the traditional Aussie folk songs while employed on a South Australian sheep farm in the early ’60s while only 18 years old.   Soon he found himself at the center of a Australian folk music revival, recording his own debut with Nic Jones and a cast of friends and playing the country from end to end before returning home to England, where he found a similarly receptive audience. With over 30 albums to his credit, Wyndham-Read remains an active touring.  With a great repertoire of songs from the British Isles and Australia, he has an enviable reputation as a tremendously warm and hypnotic performer.

This is his farewell tour of Australia.  Book Here House Concert address provided following booking.


Troubadour Folk Club


Troubadour House Concert – Central Coast

New South Wales, Australia

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