Live-Launch of two albums!

Sydney Inner & East
09 September @ 5:00pm - 02 September @ 7:45pm 2023
This event will be a quadruple celebration. Both Ecopella and Andsome Friends will be live-launching their latest albums: You’re Needed Now! and Lines. Each is an excellent collection of songs: save-the-world music of the fiercest kind from Ecopella; original folky, classical and jazzy a cappella works from Andsome Friends.
A third group, the very elegant jazz quartet Karisma, will also be performing – and celebrating the birthdays of half of its members.


Miguel Heatwole


Older Women’s Network

8-10, Victoria Street, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042, Australia

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update

Please note that this event may change or be CANCELLED at short notice.

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