Ben Noir @ Wylie’s

Sydney South
04 August 2022 @ 6:00pm - 8:00 pm
Tickets $25

Ben Noir is the final concert in the Wylie’s Baths’ Local Vocal series of concerts by local musicians. 

Ben is a singer, actor and cabaret performer with a unique voice, an extraordinary vocal  range and a performance style that crosses many genres. A versatile artist he succeeds with  both drama and comedy. His most special talent is an intimate connection with his  audience, who experience a performance that is always emotionally engaging, inclusive and  exhilarating from this charismatic artist. From jazz to musical theatre, classical to contemporary, Ben possesses a beautifully  resonant voice, with a unique falsetto range that would match most daring sopranos!  Whether performing jazz standards with the band, singing opera, French cabaret or anything in between, the audience is always assured  of being a part of an experience that resonates deeply, but also amuses and entertains.

Wylie’s Baths
4B Neptune Street


Wylie's Baths


Wylie’s Baths

4B, Neptune Street, Coogee, New South Wales, 2034, Australia

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