Baggage & Stuff come to Humph Hall

Sydney Northern Beaches
21 October 2022 @ 7:00pm - 9:30 pm

Baggage & Stuff is a Sydney-based five-piece collaboration between two veteran singer-songwriter groups: Men With Day Jobs, a popular trio at the Humph from 2013, and duo Aubrey & Purton, who have joined them here on one occasion.

All five started to work together around 2017, and the friendship blossomed as they won acclaim for original and spirited performances here and at other Sydney venues like the Gasoline Pony, Gaelic Club, Dukes Place and the tall ship James Craig (pictured); and at festivals around Sydney and beyond.

They’re back to the Humph with songs from their new album “Baggage & Stuff”, released last year – and a couple even newer! Their originals run a wide gamut of genres, tempos, moods and subjects. They share a passion for music and life in general, a concern for people and the wider world, a feeling for Sydney’s many stories, and a sense of humour that manages to be both sharp and daggy.

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Wayne Richmond


Humph Hall

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