SqueezeBox Boogaloo

Upbeat Cajun / Zydeco - country folk and blues from the bayous of South West Louisiana to the bars of Bourbon Street - get your feet tapping and be ready to dance to the Cajun and Zydeco rhythms. Featuring Geoff Tofler (piano accordion and button accordions), who became enamoured with Cajun and Zydeco music from 13 years in the US, including numerous trips to Louisiana, Eric Richard (guitar), French speaker from Bordeaux. David Hoffman (fiddle and rubboard) with strong folk traditions from his native USA, and Raoul Hawkins (saxophone, rubboard and triangle), Michele Bruet (bass,) and Rob Coady (drums). all with strong folk, world music and blues traditions. SqueezeBox Boogaloo has 2 CD's available on-line and in the French Quarter of New Orleans featuring mainly original tunes.

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