Ryebuck Band

Ryebucks got together many years ago due to their interest in dance and dance music. George Bolliger (accordion, keyboards) with twin brother Wally (percussion) are the original members, joined by Alex Bishop (flute, concertina), then Craig Edmondson (guitar, vocals), Margaret Bolliger (dance caller, fiddle) and Ralph Pride (fiddle, concertina, vocals). They have performed all over the state at festivals and dances. Perhaps their most notable gig was for Bob Hawke's birthday party at the Lodge. Their original interest was in Aussie bush dance but is broader now. Since Alex, with dance caller wife Julie, returned from two years in San Francisco with an interest in contra dance the band has introduced these into the local repertoire. More recently, inspired by the lovely melodies of English Country Dance music, the band is also incorporating these. If you want to dance then we can help.