Margaret and Bob Fagan

Margaret and Bob Fagan are the founder members of Australia’s pre-eminent folk music family, ‘The Fagans’. Hailing from the Blue Mountains they began their musical journey together in Canberra in the late 1960s. They are firm favourites at major festivals around Australia, both as a duo and as members of ‘The Fagans’. Their strong blend of politically-edged traditional and contemporary songs combined with lyrical ballads and great choruses is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Through a repertoire rooted firmly in the folk tradition, Margaret’s pure voice and Bob’s superb guitar playing ensure their popularity here and overseas. Margaret and Bob Fagan are pictured above with their son, ace bouzouki player James Fagan and his partner Nancy Kerr, fiddle player extraordinaire, as well as their daughter Kate Fagan, acclaimed folk-roots songwriter. Together they are The Fagans.