Cymbrogi (‘koom-bro-gee’) is a musical ensemble from the Blue Mountains and Bathurst, and we take our name from the Brythonic word for "companions of the heart" or "fellow compatriots". We explore the traditional music from the Celtic lands of Northwestern Europe, including music from Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, and the musical ghosts of Yr Hen Ogledd, the ‘old north’. We love to take an audience with us on an exciting, evocative musical journey back through time and place. Cymbrogi features Nick Rigby (bouzouki), Jane Anderson (guitar/flute), Libby Bell (button accordion), Glenda Kelly (fiddle) and Roger Hargraves (fiddle). Cymbrogi live on the lands of the Gundungurra, Dharug and Wiradjuri people and we acknowledge them as the traditional owners and custodians of those lands.