Saltarelle 3-Row Accordion C#/D/G

SOLD and gone to a good home. I’ll look forward to hearing it played around the session scene.

3-Row Saltarelle Accordion (Solstice) in very good condition

C#/D/G tuning

Treble keyboard: 33 treble buttons. 3 voice instrument with 5 automatic couplers positioned behind the fingerboard. 3 voices with 3 registers allowing 5 possible tones:

  • 1 concertina voice
  • 2 voices
  • 3 full play voices
  • 2 bandoneon voices (in voice + low voice)
  • 1 single low voice

Bass keyboard: 12 bass with 3 stops

Comes with strap and carrying case.

Diatonic flat keyboard. Dimensions: 31 x 19.8 x 33.4 cm. 6.2 kg.

Contact Details:
For further information, to discuss price and/or to arrange viewing and trial of instrument contact Pam Merrigan (Sydney's north shore) E:

Pam Merrigan
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Currently President, FFNSW. Previously Artistic and Managing Director National Folk Festival (8yrs). Experienced Artistic Director with a demonstrated history of working in the festival and music events industry. Skilled in Event & Festival Management, Social Media, and Music Industry. Worked successfully with a broad range of individuals, groups and organisations as curator, creative facilitator, performer and arts administrator. Strong arts and professional music background with a life long and passionate engagement with the folk arts in all their diverse forms. Performed in folk and trad. music bands including Coolfinn Mac, Coast Ceili Band, Bush Bandicoots (twice winners of National Battle of the Bush Bands, Tamworth Country Music Festival) and, Rum Culls. 20 years in music education both at secondary level and free-lance. Holds a MMus degree (UNSW).


  1. Hi Pam
    If not sold just enquiring how much the accordion is selling for
    I met you and Norm at the National few years back , very sad to here and my condolences.
    Norms accordion is a special instrument as Norm was a great player.
    Martin Chatfield

    • Hi Martin,
      Lovely to hear from you and your interest in the accordion. I’ve really only just started to think about selling it though I did start to post some information on the FolkFed site in Jan which I have been slowly updating. I’ve recently had a chat to a few people who think I should be asking around $2K for it and listing it on e-bay could even do better. I’m not quite sure that really appeals to me and sounds like a bit of a hassle. Also I’d prefer it to go to someone in the scene here. They sell for between $5700 and $7,000 new depending on where you source them from. If you’re really interested we can discuss price and in any case I’m sure you’d want to play it. Where are you located? The instrument is in pretty good condition and it’s a good solid box with the couplers and options for varying the tone if you’re into that sort of thing. Norm found it handy.
      Anyway let me know. I’ve had one other person contact me about it since I mentioned it on my FB page but he hasn’t come back to me as yet. Happy to chat more.
      Thanks for contacting me and all the best

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