The Shop Steward

I've been a singer song writer since 1990. I have shared the stage with US folk singer, David Rovics, David Beniuk, Steph Miller (ex-Roaring Jack) and Ken Stewart (Urban Guerrillas). David Rovics has said of my song writing, “To be honest I feel like I’ve just struck gold… it's so great to discover another really good and really political songwriter.” I took on the Shop Steward stage name in 2010 to mark out something more about me than just another singer-song writer with an Anglo name. Shop steward is an old-school term for union a delegate. Like a union delegate, I felt my music had a role in sticking up for the underdog, telling their stories and advancing their interests. I had at the time, just ceased being a union delegate for the AMWU to become a fulltime parent. This experience opened a whole new vain of song writing which fits comfortably with my more political repertoire

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