Where are the archives & assets of the Folk Federation?

Since the Folk Federation of NSW was founded in 1970, committee members and other members have accumulated archival material and we’d like to know where missing items are.

We are aware that Macquarie University Library is the home of a collection of radio programs, and a batch of Oral History records were spotted recently in the catalogue of the National Library. State Library of NSW holds our Newsletter (1970-85) & Cornstalk (1986 to date).

Do you have anything under your house, in your attic, or in your shed? Or in a box on top of the wardrobe, or in the back of a cupboard or …

Do you know of any past members who might have minutes, leaflets, posters, photos or anything that adds to the history of the Federation? If so, please ask them, or give us their names if you’re not in contact with them.

We don’t need past issues of NSW Folk Federation Newsletter or Cornstalk as we have complete sets.

If you have anything that you think could be useful, please make a note of what you have (description & dates) & send this information to https://folkfednsw.org.au/contact/ or PO Box A182, Sydney South. When contacting us, please give your name, residential address, and phone numbers as well as your email address.

Please don’t send anything to us as we’re only exploring what is available at the moment, and we won’t need multiple copies of documents like minutes.

Happy Hunting!


photo – poster from NSW Folk Federation Newsletter for 2nd”Forgotten Valley” Folk Weekend, May 1981